Thursday, April 12, 2012


I’ve been in Spain since Saturday and I LOVE it!  I arrived in Madrid after a long day of traveling (I had to get up early to take the train to Paris) and found my way to the tapas reception for the Vaughan Town “Anglos.”  The Anglos are all the English-Speaking volunteers and we represent England, Scotland, Ireland, America, and Switzerland.  We got to know each other and spent some time at a bar afterward enjoying more tapas (Spanish appetizers that usually accompany a drink at a bar).  I had visited Madrid in high school, but I don’t remember much of it, and now I want to spend more time there! 

Sunday morning we got up early to head to our location, El Rancho in Torrecaballeros, a small town near Segovia.  We then spent the day with our usual activities, one-on-ones, eating lots of amazing food, and siesta time!  One-on-ones are when we have an hour-long conversation with a Spaniard (in English only!).  I was nervous at first that it might be difficult, but it has been wonderful.  The Spaniards come from many backgrounds:  business, medicine, sports, as well as Spaniards participating in the Master program though Vaughan.  We always eat our meals with two Spaniards, so they are always speaking English.  It has been fantastic, and has exceeded my expectations!  I have one more day here, and one more night in Madrid, so more updates to come!

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